SKIMS launches 2-hour delivery

Find out how leading fashion brands like SKIMS are using same-day delivery to grow their ecommerce

SKIMS, the shapewear and underwear brand launches two-hour delivery to shoppers in California.

Founded in 2019, SKIMS is the creation of Kim Kardashian and LA-based entrepreneur Jens Grede. Today, the brand has taken over the shapewear market and expanded into swimwear and broader fashion, reporting an expected $400m in sales in 2022.

Jens explained that customers sometimes need specific pieces of solution wear for events they are attending, and two-hour delivery offers a convenient alternative to driving to the mall or shopping streets. Skims' new delivery service charges a flat fee of $10, regardless of order price, and is available to shoppers within a 10-mile radius of L.A.'s 90004 zip code.

Jens and Emme Grede run some of the world's biggest fashion brands including SKIMS and Good American.

“It’s the whole notion of blending the convenience of e-commerce with instant gratification of in-person shopping,” Grede told WWD. “But in-person shopping can be inconvenient. We don’t always have time to go shopping, especially not in a large city where getting around takes a long time. And we all know where we’re going to be in the next few hours; we don’t all know where we’re going to be tonight.”

“I’m so proud that we’ll be able to make a deeper connection with our customers through localized, instant delivery and become more of a trusted resource for them,” Kim Kardashian said.

Turning first-time visitors into SKIMS fans

SKIMS understood that featuring a 2-hour delivery would improve their conversion rates. According to McKinsey, the average increase in conversion is 20-30% when same-day delivery options are shown at checkout. We have measured similar conversion numbers amongst brands that use bodo’s same-day delivery. Moreover, with 55% of customers expecting same-day delivery options at checkout in 2021 the addition is really just catching up with existing consumer expectations.

Fashion brands are utilizing same-day delivery for their influencer campaigns, creating instant buzz and social media engagement. 

This is key for the brand. SKIMS has quite a few competitors including Thirdlove, Savege x Fenty, Me Undies, Spanx, and Honeylove. According to McKinsey, 46% of customers have abandoned their cart to another brand due to slow delivery. In a competitive market, same-day delivery ensures that all possible customers are captured at checkout.

Increasing retention for fashion brands

Part of the magic of same-day delivery is how it boosts ecommerce performance.

At bodo, brands using our 30-minute delivery and same-day delivery increase retention by +15-20% and order frequency by +10%-20%. Once consumers use your same-day delivery options at checkout, they are much more likely to return and buy more often. From a consumer psychology perspective, this makes sense, because they now consider your brand the go-to anytime they want a new product.

Launching new campaigns

The SKIMS team uses same-day delivery to launch new high-converting shopping experiences and campaigns.

SKIMS created a same-day delivery landing page featuring all the products that can be delivered instantly to their customers in California. They will also link to this page every time they do a segmented newsletter campaign (to their applicable customers) as well as for geo-local ads to target new shapewear customers.

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