Why fashion brands are launching same-day delivery

Learn how fashion brands such as Madhappy and Bella Freud are using Bodo's same-day delivery service to improve their customer experience, increase sales, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Fashion brands are always looking for ways to improve their online shopping experience, and one of the ways they have done this is by offering same-day delivery. Many fashion brands have partnered with Bodo, a sustainable delivery platform, to provide this service. Let’s take a closer look at why some of these fashion brands have chosen to use same-day delivery with Bodo.

Peachy Den

Peachy Den, founded by Isabella Weatherby in 2019, has quickly gained attention for its reasonably priced jumpsuits inspired by the 1970s. The brand focuses on flattering designs made from satin and velvet that accentuate the body and highlight the curves. Our favorite quote to describe the brand comes from their online store: "Our jumpsuits are the ones that get you compliments; our trousers are the ones everyone asks you where you got them from. They’re conversation starters; they’re wardrobe classics”.

Moreover, all fabrics used in Peachy Den's pieces are sourced within the UK, and the garments are handcrafted by a small team based in South London. The brand's name reflects its emphasis on sculpting and celebrating the female form, with "Peachy" representing a fitted and flattering shape and "Den" symbolizing the sense of community and inclusivity they aim to foster. Peachy Den prioritizes sustainability, and during lockdown, Weatherby has been exploring eco-friendly fabrics and working towards incorporating them into their collections.

Peachy Den recently launched same-day and 30-minute delivery with Bodo on their Shopify store checkout. By doing this, Peachy Den is able to convert more customers and launch new campaigns, as well as offer customers sustainable delivery options which fits perfectly with their mission. Their team created a same-day delivery landing page featuring products that can be delivered instantly with bodo. Peachy Den will then link to this landing page when they launch geo-local Instagram ad campaigns for new customers and newsletter campaigns to their existing customers. By partnering with bodo, Peachy Den has been able to improve their customer experience, increase sales, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Bella Freud

Bella Freud is a renowned fashion brand known for its distinctive style and iconic designs. Founded by British fashion designer Bella Freud in 1990, the brand has become synonymous with cool, contemporary fashion. Bella Freud herself is recognized for her unique vision and creative talent, drawing inspiration from art, culture, and her own personal experiences. One of the standout features of Bella Freud's brand is the fusion of classic and modern elements in her designs. She skillfully combines traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist, resulting in timeless pieces that exude sophistication and individuality.

Bella Freud launched same-day and 30-minute delivery with bodo. This move was to bring instant gratification to their online store, much like their current retail store. Similar to Peachy Den, they also launched a same-day delivery landing page on their Shopify store, which they use for campaigns. This innovative approach to delivery has helped Bella Freud to differentiate themselves from other fashion brands and offer a premium delivery service alongside their premium clothing line. By leveraging bodo's sustainable delivery options, Bella Freud has been able to offer a faster delivery service to their customers while turning successful deliveries into 5-star ratings.


Underdays is a women's underwear brand founded by Amelie Salas and Oria Mackenzie. Their mission is to revolutionize the way women shop for underwear by delivering comfortable, expressive, and ethical basics that make a difference to everyday life. Underdays puts women's health at the forefront of their designs by listening to their biggest pain points and combining solutions-driven fabrics with innovative design. This innovation extends to their amazing community-building campaigns and online shopping experiences.

Underdays launched same-day and 30-minute sustainable delivery with bodo early in their journey. By using Bodo’s fast delivery options, they were able to convert more customers at checkout. According to UPS Capital, 66% of shoppers are more likely to buy from brands with same-day delivery options. Moreover, Underdays created a memorable delivery experience using bodo’s branded live tracking and order updates. This has helped Underdays to build a loyal customer base who value the brand's commitment to sustainability, comfort, and style. By partnering with bodo, Underdays has been able to provide a fast and sustainable delivery service to their customers increasing conversion, retention and LTV.


Clothing brand Madhappy has one of the strongest followings in the US. They have garnered widespread attention for its unique approach to clothing and mental health advocacy. Founded in 2017 by Peiman Raf, Noah Raf, Mason Spector, and Joshua Sitt, Madhappy promotes positivity and mental well-being through its clothing and messaging. What sets Madhappy apart is its fusion of streetwear aesthetics with a strong emphasis on mental health awareness. Madhappy has effectively created a community-driven brand, fostering a sense of unity and support among its customers. Their online store and social media presence have played a significant role in their recent growth, allowing them to connect with a global audience and build a dedicated following. Moreover, their beloved collaborations with the likes of Lululemon, UGGs, Yankees and even local restaurants allows them to stay exciting and in culture.

Madhappy recently decided to expand into the UK market and approached bodo for help. Madhappy setup a trial with bodo to test how customers would respond to instant delivery, especially for new product launches. . The integration took 24 hours thanks to bodo’s simple Shopify integration. Within five weeks, the team saw a 14% decrease in cart abandonment. Madhappy’s team also saw a 7% increase in average order value by offering a free instant delivery threshold. By partnering with bodo, Madhappy has been able to improve their customer experience and increase their revenue and sales.

“Instant delivery is a new and awesome experience for our customers. They are shocked - and they love it.” Peiman (Co-Founder, Madhappy)

Fashion brands are realizing the importance of same-day delivery in providing their customers with the best possible online shopping experience. By partnering with bodo, they are able to offer fast and sustainable delivery options that allow them to stand out in their “always competitive” industry. Through the use of same-day delivery, fashion brands can improve their customer experience, increase revenue and sales, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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