bodo expands to Manchester, Leeds & Birmingham!

Extending bodo’s sustainable same-day deliveries to Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds, we now serve four of the five biggest cities in the UK.

Hold onto your hats, folks! Guess what? Just 7 months after shaking up the logistics scene in London, bodo is ready to take the show on the road and extend our sustainable same-day deliveries to Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds! Brace yourselves for a whirlwind of lightning-fast deliveries! We now serve four out of the five biggest cities in the UK.

Since our humble beginnings in 2022, we have empowered 50+ of the coolest e-commerce brands with our sleek same-day deliveries in London. From zooming through the streets with TRIP's beloved CBD beverages to ensuring COAT's vibrant paint arrives at your doorstep in record time, and even helping fashionistas look fabulous in Peachy Den outfits within 1 hour, we’ve been working with the fastest-growing brands across all verticals. And now, dear friends, it's time to spread the delivery delight to the rest of the UK.

Birmingham: Where Fitness Meets Chocolate

Attention, lovely people of Birmingham! Get ready to witness bodo firsthand. With a population of 1.15 million, Birmingham is not only a hub for amazing British brands but also a secret green paradise. Did you know that this vibrant city boasts a staggering 571 parks? That's right! Birmingham is like a real-life Amazon rainforest of greenspace, beating every other city in Europe.

The city is home to fitness brands Gymshark and Grenade as well as cupboard favourites HP Sauce and Cadbury’s. So while we zip around delivering the goodies, we also wanted to take a moment to appreciate the lush parks that make Birmingham so refreshingly green.

Leeds: Where Hair is Perfect, Tea is Legendary, and Fizz Bubbles with History

With a population of 800,000, Leeds is a city that knows how to make a statement. It's home to some truly iconic brands like Asda, Tetley's Tea, and GHD (Good Hair Day). But here's a charming fact for you: fizzy drinks were actually born right here in Leeds, more than 250 years ago! Leeds, the birthplace of fizzy bubbles! So, while you eagerly await your bodo deliveries, raise a glass (preferably a fizzy one) and toast to Leeds' sparkling heritage!

Manchester: Where Fashion Reigns and Curry Takes Center Stage

Last but absolutely not the least, bodo is making a grand entrance into Manchester, ready to unleash the magic of fast deliveries and good vibes! With over 550,000 stylish residents, Manchester is a city where fashion rules the streets and curry tantalises the taste buds.

Just take a look at the stellar lineup of brands that call the city home: JD, Co-op, PG Tips, Reebok, Missguided, and Footasylum. Oh, and did we mention the Curry Mile? Brace yourselves for the largest concentration of South-Asian restaurants outside of Asia. Now that's a flavorful fact! So, Manchester, get ready to spice up your life because bodo is about to add an extra kick to your already fabulous city!

Get ready to experience the joy of lightning-fast deliveries, boxed in sustainability with a dash of excitement! Say goodbye to those dreaded delivery delays and welcome bodo, the logistics service that's as reliable as it is entertaining.

So, Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds, keep your eyes peeled and your spirits high—we're bodo-ing our way to deliver some serious happiness to your doorsteps.

Stay tuned!

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