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The UK eCommerce market has undergone a significant shift over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns and social distancing measures forcing consumers to turn to online shopping, the demand for home deliveries has surged, and with it, the need for efficient last-mile delivery services.

"liquid expectations"

According to Accenture, the pandemic has brought about a marketing paradigm which it terms as “liquid expectations”. More than ever now, customer expectations are no longer limited to a given product category, but instead extend across unrelated industries and experiences. Customers now increasingly compare the slick user experience offered by digital natives such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Deliveroo with their airline flight cancellation, their visit to the doctor, or their most recent eCommerce purchase. This has led to a growing need for a seamless, more immediate delivery experience, which retailers are struggling to keep up with.


However, eCommerce delivery is among the most neglected features of eCommerce operations and conversion optimization. This is best displayed by 85% of consumers not being satisfied with the delivery process. Brands tend to focus on creating their online presence and attracting customers, leaving delivery and the post-purchase experience as a low priority, missing out on improved conversion, retention and LTV. 

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The new customer expectations which brands need to adapt to range from faster eCommerce delivery, real-time delivery tracking, and even direct communication with the couriers – and with customer loyalty at an all time low, any of these features can make a big impact.


Ecommerce delivery has a significant impact on a brand's success. According to a survey by MetaPack, 96% of consumers state that delivery plays a crucial role in their decision to make a purchase from an online retailer.

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Additionally, 87% of consumers reported they would be more likely to shop with a merchant if they could personalize their shipping experience, highlighting the importance of a positive delivery experience (UPS Capital). On the other hand, a negative delivery experience can be detrimental to a brand's success, with 66% of consumers reporting that a damaged or undelivered package would lead to a negative review (UPS Capital). Therefore, investing in and providing a seamless and personalized delivery experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, sales.

In this report, we explain how brands can turn delivery from a cost centre into a revenue driver. We outline 5 cost-effective ways brands can use delivery to improve sales, increase customer retention and LTV, and supercharge “brand love” from customers. 


We analysed the websites and eCommerce checkouts of 50 top UK-selling brands to find out if brands are missing out on simple but effective improvements to their eCommerce delivery offerings.  In particular, we focused on answering:

  • What is the fastest delivery speed brands are offering?

  • How many delivery options do brands provide?

  • How many brands are truly omnichannel (e.g. click-and-collect)?

  • Are brands clearly stating their delivery offering on their landing page?

We studied 50 top-selling UK brands which were randomly selected out of a larger list the 300 fastest-growing brands in the UK. The list also includes 5 bodo partners who use our same-day and 30-minute delivery service on their checkout. 

The brands are split across the following verticals:

  • 28% Beauty & Fragrance 

  • 24% Supplements & Wellness

  • 18% Fashion & Jewellery

  • 14% Beverage & Food

  • 12% Consumer Technology 

  • 4% Pets

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