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Sustainable toothbrush brand SURI launches same-day delivery

Sustainable award-winning electric toothbrush brand SURI founded by Mark Rushmore and Gyve Safavi recently launched same-day delivery with bodo to upgrade their ecommerce. Read about how SURI aligned their delivry experience with their mission to provide eco-friendly oral care products and increased conversion, retention and LTV.

Sustainable toothbrush brand SURI launches same-day delivery
London, UK
SURI was looking to improve their delivery experience to drive conversion and align with their brand values.
With bodo's delivery services, SURI achieved improved conversion rates, increased customer retention, and advanced their sustainability goals.
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Brands using bodo's same-day delivery significantly increased retention


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90-day LTV
Customers that use bodo's same-day delivery have significantly higher LTV


SURI, the leading sustainable electric toothbrush brand, sought to enhance their exceptional e-commerce website and create a remarkable delivery experience that aligned with their brand ethos. Partnering with bodo's same-day and 30-minute sustainable delivery services not only upgraded their delivery process but also perfectly complemented their mission of promoting sustainable rituals and products. By embracing bodo's sustainable delivery, SURI aimed to improve their conversion rates, customer retention, and overall e-commerce performance metrics.

"We integrated with bodo's Shopify App and launched in one week."

Mark Rushmore


Integration as simple as A-B-C

Integrating bodo's delivery services into their operations was a seamless process for SURI. Leveraging bodo's two-step integration with their existing e-commerce platform, SURI quickly optimized their delivery system.

Crafting unique campaigns

With same-day and 30-minute sustainable delivery options provided by bodo, SURI was able to create captivating campaigns that captured the attention of their target audience. By leveraging the allure of instant delivery, SURI enticed customers to engage with their brand and experience the convenience of receiving their sustainable oral care products promptly.

5-star delivery experience

The memorable delivery experience was further enhanced through bodo's branded communications via Whatsapp, allowing SURI to provide personalized updates and an interactive order tracking map. This ensured a smooth and enjoyable delivery process for customers while decreasing the number of failed deliveries and fostering customer loyalty.


The adoption of bodo's same-day and sustainable delivery services yielded remarkable results for SURI. By offering faster delivery options, SURI significantly improved their conversion rates, maximizing their e-commerce potential. The seamless and memorable delivery experience fostered customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer retention and lifetime value. Additionally, bodo's sustainable delivery perfectly aligned with SURI's mission of promoting sustainability, reinforcing their brand values and resonating with environmentally conscious customers. By choosing bodo, SURI not only improved their business performance but also took a significant step towards reducing environmental impact in the oral care industry, creating a positive and lasting change.

“Our customers love the fast and sustainable delivery options. It improves the buying experience and engagement with our community.”

Mark Rushmore

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