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How PerfectTed boosted their eCommerce sales with same-day delivery

PerfectTed is a UK-based company that produces green tea energy drinks made with matcha and real fruit flavors. The company, which was launched in 2021, has successfully placed its products in over 1,000 Tesco stores nationwide and other well-known retailers such as Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, Selfridges, and Joe & The Juice. PerfectTed partnered with bodo to boost their eCommerce, increase conversion rates, launch new marketing campaigns, and enhance its delivery services.

How PerfectTed boosted their eCommerce sales with same-day delivery
London, UK
PerfectTed needed to boost their eCommerce sales and was looking to bring the same instant purchase experience from retail onto their online store.
With same-day delivery PerfectTed boosted their eCommerce sales, decreasing cart abandonment by 45% while increasing AOV by 8%.
30-Min Delivery
Same-Day Delivery
Bodo Hub


Customers bought more products with same-day delivery


Cart Abandonment
PerfectTed decreased cart abandonment with faster delivery options


PerfectTed saw customers coming back for more with same-day delivery


When PerfectTed approached bodo, sales were rocketing due to the summer heatwave in the UK. For Co-Founders Teddie and Marisa, the next step they had on their to-do list was to become a truly omnichannel brand and to grow their cult following via their eCommerce. PerfectTed approached bodo and was able to quickly onboard in 48 hours after connecting with bodo’s Shopify App and sending their stock to bodo’s London Hub.

“We came to bodo two days before we went on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. We integrated with bodo in 24 hours just before our D2C orders skyrocketed. We love the service and have been working with them ever since.”

Teddie Levenfiche


Simple integration

PerfectTed was able to onboard in under 48 hours. After downloading bodo’s Shopify app, they launched rapid and sustainable delivery later that week. Live inventory management integration provides their eCommerce and operations team full insight over their stock.

Driving conversion

PerfectTed quickly noticed an increase in conversion at checkout. They suspect that when customers discover the PerfectTed brand on social media or directly on their website, they get excited and want to try the product immediately.

PerfectTed team with Teddie, Marisa and Levi (from left to right)
New marketing opportunities

PerfectTed launched a geo-targeted campaign in East London which informed Instagram users and followers that they can get their matcha in one hour or less.

Dragon’s Den

PerfectTed was invited to pitch on the famous UK TV-show, Dragon’s Den. Having worked closely with bodo in the months leading up to the show screening, PerfectTed entrusted bodo to fulfill all their orders. The pitch turned to be one of the biggest successes in the TV show’s history and the influx of orders was instant. However, thanks to bodo’s software and tech-enabled operations the order delivery and partnership was a huge success.

Co-Founders Teddie and Marisa pitching on Dragon's Den. In the end, they received investment from Dragons Steven Bartlett and Peter Jones.


After 6 weeks of offering instant delivery at checkout, PerfectTed saw cart abandonment drop by over 45%. By highlighting their new speedy and eco-friendly delivery options, they had driven a significant increase in customer conversion, as well as an 8% uptick in average basket size.

Moreover, PerfectTed was able to quickly and easily onboard before their big Dragon's Den pitch relying fully on bodo to fulfill over 9,000 orders in the span of 5 days.

PerfectTed continues to launch new marketing campaigns using same-day delivery today to acquire new fans through their eCommerce channel.

"Instant delivery lets us access customers like we never could before. Customers just love the experience."

Teddie Levenfiche

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