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Misfits Health upgrades their ecommerce with sustainable same-day delivery

Introducing our case study on Misfits Health, the leading vegan protein bar brand that revolutionized their e-commerce operations by partnering with bodo's same-day and sustainable delivery services. Discover how Misfits Health's pursuit of enhanced customer experience and sustainability aligns perfectly with bodo's innovative solutions, resulting in remarkable growth, increased customer loyalty, and a winning combination that propelled their brand to new heights.

Misfits Health upgrades their ecommerce with sustainable same-day delivery
London, UK
Misfits Health desired better delivery and sustainability, finding a match in bodo's same-day service.
With bodo, Misfits Health achieved higher values, improved retention, and increased customer lifetime value.
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CPG brands using bodo's same-day delivery saw significant increases to their LTV


Misfits Health, a pioneering vegan protein bar brand, recognized the need for an enhanced delivery experience to elevate their e-commerce performance and delight their customers. As a brand dedicated to promoting sustainability, Misfits Health sought a delivery solution that aligned with their values. Enter bodo, with its same-day and 30-minute sustainable delivery services. Misfits Health desired a seamless delivery experience that would not only cater to their customers' convenience but also reduce their environmental impact. The collaboration with bodo provided the perfect match, combining efficient same-day delivery with a commitment to sustainability.

"Integration with our Shopify was super simple."

Henry Sether
CEO and Founder


Simple Integration

Misfits Health's journey towards an enhanced delivery experience took a significant leap forward when they partnered with bodo. The integration process with bodo proved to be remarkably simple and seamless, thanks to bodo's two-step integration with Misfits Health's existing Shopify store. Within a span of just one week, Misfits Health successfully integrated bodo's delivery solution, unlocking a world of possibilities and revolutionizing their e-commerce operations.

Unique Campaigns

One of the key advantages that same-day delivery offered Misfits Health was the ability to launch unique and compelling campaigns. The inclusion of same-day delivery became a powerful hook for Misfits Health's newsletters and geolocal advertisements. By leveraging the immediacy and convenience of same-day delivery, Misfits Health attracted the attention of their target audience, driving higher engagement and conversion rates. Customers were enticed by the prospect of receiving their protein products within hours, which not only met their immediate needs but also instilled a sense of trust and reliability in the brand.

Branded Live Tracking

bodo's branded order updates via WhatsApp and the live order tracking map provided Misfits Health's customers with the ultimate convenience, reducing failed deliveries and ensuring a seamless delivery experience. Through real-time updates and interactive tracking, customers were empowered with full visibility of their orders, fostering trust and satisfaction in the delivery process.

"Try Misfits today!"

The impact of same-day delivery extended beyond initial conversions. The improved delivery experience facilitated by bodo's services played a crucial role in customer retention. With same-day delivery, Misfits Health's customers could quickly receive and try their products, enabling them to experience the benefits and taste of Misfits Health's vegan protein bars almost instantaneously. This heightened customer satisfaction and convenience contributed to higher customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Customers no longer had to wait for extended periods to receive their orders, eliminating potential frustrations and ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience with Misfits Health.


By implementing bodo's same-day delivery options, Misfits Health witnessed remarkable results across various metrics.

Firstly, the average order value (AOV) significantly increased as customers embraced the convenience and promptness of same-day delivery.

Additionally, Misfits Health's retention rates improved as customers enjoyed a sleek and reliable delivery experience, leading to repeat purchases and prolonged engagement with the brand.

The integration of bodo's delivery services ultimately resulted in increased customer lifetime value (LTV) for those who opted for the same-day delivery options. Misfits Health successfully elevated their e-commerce performance, achieving higher AOV, improved retention, and enhanced LTV through the adoption of bodo's same-day and sustainable delivery services.

“At Misfits, our mission is to create indulgent plant-based snacks that everyone can enjoy. Adding bodo’s eco-friendly instant delivery to our Shopify checkout not only aligns with our brand values but helps us convert more customers and keep them coming back for more thanks to the incredible delivery experience”

Henry Sether
CEO and Founder

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