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COAT Paints launches world-first 30-minute wall paint delivery

Discover how COAT Paints, one of the UK's leading e-commerce interior wall paint brands, partnered with bodo's same-day and 30-minute sustainable delivery services to revolutionize the paint industry. This case study highlights how the collaboration between COAT Paints and bodo enabled unparalleled customer service, environmental sustainability, and swift delivery for DIY enthusiasts and interior design enthusiasts alike.

COAT Paints launches world-first 30-minute wall paint delivery
London, UK
COAT Paints needed a sustainable and fast delivery solution to upgrade their online customer experience.
COAT Paints increased checkout conversion, LTV, and reinforced their sustainability focus with bodo.
30-Min Delivery
Same-Day Delivery
Bodo Hub


Brands using bodo's same-day delivery see double digit increase in retention


Offering bodo's same-day delivery together with conditional pricing brands are able to boost AOV


90-day LTV
LTV increases for customers that use bodo's same-day delivery


COAT Paints recognized the need for a delivery solution that aligned with their commitment to sustainability while providing customers with a seamless and prompt experience. By teaming up with bodo, COAT Paints aimed to offer a sustainable and efficient delivery option that would set them apart from competitors in the market. With a focus on meeting customers' demands for immediacy and convenience, COAT Paints sought to transform the paint shopping experience.

"Any colour you could possibly create, delivered in under 1 hour. It's literally renovation heaven. We're thrilled to be working with COAT Paints."

Jack Green
Co-Founder (bodo)


bodo's partnership with COAT Paints introduced a game-changing delivery service that surpassed customer expectations. Customers within the M25 region could now benefit from same-day delivery, while one-hour delivery slots were available based on the address radius from Hackney. This innovative approach provided COAT Paints' customers with unparalleled convenience, allowing them to receive their desired paint colors swiftly. With a network of micro-fulfillment hubs strategically located in dense neighborhoods, bodo ensured rapid and sustainable deliveries, utilizing electric vehicles and eco-friendly packaging. The integration of bodo's same-day and 30-minute delivery services seamlessly transformed COAT Paints' customer service capabilities.


The collaboration between COAT Paints and bodo yielded remarkable results. By offering same-day and one-hour delivery options, COAT Paints significantly enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. DIY enthusiasts and interior design enthusiasts now had the freedom to begin their projects without delay, obtaining the perfect paint colors promptly. Furthermore, COAT Paints' commitment to sustainability was reinforced through bodo's environmentally friendly delivery practices, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener approach to e-commerce. The partnership with bodo enabled COAT Paints to differentiate itself in the market and establish a reputation for exceptional customer service, swift delivery, and environmental responsibility.

“We’ve been changing the game with paint to meet the needs of the modern customer, and now, with our partnership with bodo, we can go a step further with same-day and, in some cases, one-hour delivery to offer the ultimate in customer service in every sense."

Rob Green

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