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How TRIP CBD increased LTV by 84% with bodo

Find your Calm today - TRIP’s message to the world and its everyday chaos. In August 2022, TRIP joined forces with bodo to deliver calm across the UK, with same day delivery. Whilst available across most national retailers, TRIP’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce channel has always been a top priority for Co-Founders Liv and Dan. Partnering with bodo in 2022, TRIP launched same-day delivery delighting customers with faster delivery while improving eCommerce metrics.

How TRIP CBD increased LTV by 84% with bodo
London, UK
Shopify Plus
TRIP wanted to create a better delivery customer experience for their D2C channel while increasing conversion and retention.
After launching same-day delivery with bodo, TRIP saw an increase of +84% in 120-day LTV, +22% AOV and +15% retention.
30-Min Delivery
Same-Day Delivery
Bodo Hub


TRIP increased their LTV across 120 days


Customers bought significantly more


TRIP CBD customers bought more often


TRIP experienced blockbuster growth in 2022, expanding campaigns and their retail presence across Europe. During this growth, eCommerce proved to be a valuable channel to grow their loyal fan base. TRIP wanted to continue improving their D2C channel, enahcing the overall customer experience while improving metrics. In 2022, TRIP partnered with bodo to do just this.

"bodo has helped us deliver calm to our customers quickly and efficiently. 30-minute and same-day delivery brings instant gratification to our eCommerce store.”

Chloe Palmer
Senior DTC Lead, TRIP


In September 2022, TRIP launched sustainable same-day and 30-minute delivery from bodo’s hub in Hackney.

Two-Step Integration

TRIP integrated seamlessly with bodo in under 15 minutes. TRIP connected to bodo’s Shopify App which validates customers at checkout based on location and cart. TRIP sent a selection of bestsellers to bodo’s London hub, and immediately launched the same-day delivery options to their customers. Bodo offers a live inventory management and forecasting platform to give visibility to TRIP’s operations team.

Customer Experience

Customers are automatically shown same-day and 30-minute delivery options at checkout, based on their basket and location. Once the order is placed, they received TRIP-branded communications via WhatsApp and email. Customers can live-track their order, and communicate with the courier in real time, edit delivery details, pick delivery time slots, and reschedule deliveries.

New Campaigns

Using same-day delivery, TRIP was able to create high-converting campaigns. One succesful campaign utilizing same-day delivery was their weekend SMS sendouts.


TRIP was able to significantly improve their eCommerce metrics using bodo’s same-day and 30-minute delivery solutions.

TRIP measured an increase of 22% to their AOV for customers that used same-day delivery for the first time. This is attributed to the conditional pricing they set on same-day deliveries (“free after £50”) and 30-minute deliveries (“free after £60”).

TRIP also measured a 15% increase to retention across a 90-day period for customers that experienced same-day delivery on their first order. This shows that customers are more likely to buy again thanks to the more convenient delivery options available to them.

TRIP also saw an increase of 84% of their overall LTV in 120-day study period following a customers first purchase, for those customers that ordered using same-day delivery.

“bodo is a game changer for our eComm business. 30-minute and same-day delivery has dramatically increased conversion and retention. Customers are loving the faster options at checkout.”

Daniel Khoury
Co-Founder, TRIP

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