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Instant, local and sustainable - how we envision the future of eCommerce logistics

How to acquire customers in 2022: Performance marketing. Influencer. SMS and email marketing. Reviews. TV? NFTs?!


How not to acquire customers in 2022: 3-5 business days delivery.


Everyone wants to optimise conversion. Reduce cart abandonment. Improve the product experience. But post-purchase interactions like delivery are part of that product and experience, and they’re broken. 


We are proud to launch bodo: a proprietary technology and real estate network that allows brands to offer their products quickly, conveniently, and sustainably. Our API enables brands to offer same-day or 30 minute delivery, pick-up, new sales channels, and even retail experiences.


bodo is Farsi (Iranian) for ‘hurry up’ or ‘get on with it’. Heard around the house, growing up, the deeper meaning of ‘bodo’ is to do something with heart and determination: “do it like you mean it!”. 


Prior to launching bodo, co-founders Brandon Neman and Jack Green led the sales and expansion strategy for Uber founder Travis Kalanick’s CloudKitchens. Leaving food and beverage to focus on eCommerce, they now launch this sustainable B2B logistics platform. After beta-testing with brands across personal care, beverage, and consumer technology, bodo launches in London today.

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